An In Depth Look at OPPO A54


The Oppo A54 simply oozes class with its stylish looks and cutting edge features. In fact, this is the perfect phone for anyone who wants to stay connected while on the go. With a stunning looks and great features, the Oppo A54 is definitely not your ordinary mid-range phone. It is unlike any other device you have seen before in the market.

Features The A54 has some great features packed into one sleek phone. For example, it comes with a super powerful dual camera setup, which lets you take both cameras at the same time or switch between the two with a single touch. You can also get a front facing 2 MP camera with a high resolution scanner as well. This will definitely come in handy when you need to send photos to your friends without having to use your mobile camera. If you are using a large LCD screen then you would also be able to enjoy a clear text message experience. OPPO A54

Camera Connectivity The OPPO A54 camera comes with a high definition camera which offers amazing picture quality. The A Dylan glasses are also very durable and they are shock resistant as well. You can even get a high resistance micro USB cable with this camera which enables fast data transfers. If you are looking for a high end camera with a compact design and a great camera lens, then the OPPO A Dylan is the perfect phone for you. The OPPO A Dylan also comes with a color filter lens, which is ideal for night pictures. It gives you the ability to adjust the lens accordingly according to the lighting conditions.

Video This is probably the best feature of the OPPO A Sample. With a video recording feature, you can easily capture the moments which make an impact on you. There are two cameras included in the OPPO A Sample, which can be used for both video and photo capturing. The primary camera has a built in video stabilization system, which helps in reducing the shaky effects while taking videos. There is also a mini camera which can be placed into the pocket which can be used for taking videos and selfies.

Design The OPPO A Sample is a smartphone which is definitely different from the others available in the market. It comes with a dual screen which makes it more interesting. The OPPO A Sample features a 16MP camera set in the forehead of the device along with a 4.2 inch LCD screen which is very bright and colourful.

Wireless Charging Thanks to the advanced technology of the wireless charging module, the OPPO A Sample can charge up via a Bluetooth or USB port. This makes it even more useful as you do not have to put in too much effort while using the device. Moreover, it allows you to use your smartphone with the help of a conventional charger. Apart from the above mentioned features, the OPPO A Sample also features a Fingerprint Sensor, multi-orientation camera, and a heart rate monitor.

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