BBQ Smoker For Sale – 3 Tips To Ensure You Don’t Waste Your Money

Before you go running around looking for a BBQ smoker for sale you need to put a bit of thought into what you want. After all you don’t want to rush out and buy one, take it home and then find it’s not suitable.

The range of BBQ cookers is so enormous that if you don’t know how to narrow it down to what you really want or need you could easily be so overwhelmed by the selection you end up buying one that is not suitable for you.

Here are 3 tips that will help you select the smoker cooker most suitable for you.

How Many Hungry Mouths Will You Be Feeding?

It’s no good buying a cooker that can only manage one chicken if you plan on feeding 10 or 15 people at a time. And there is certainly no point purchasing one so big you could feed an army when you are only looking to cook the odd BBQ in your back garden just for your family, irrespective of how many bells and whistles it has. So deciding how many people you will on average be cooking for is important. Once you know that you will know what size of smoker you are looking for.

What Fuel Do You Plan On Using? lumberjack pellets

There are several types of fuel that different smokers use. Electricity, gas, charcoal, wood and pellets.

Electricity – cheap and easy to use. Normally available at the flick of a switch although there may be a few problems to overcome in hooking your cooker up to the mains depending on where you put it.

Gas – reasonably cheap and also easy to use. Turn the valve, light up and you are ready to roll. But it’s not always easy to ascertain how much gas is left in the tank and there is always the possibility of running out at an inconvenient time, not to say embarrassing.

Charcoal – reputed to produce the best flavored food but also takes more time to prepare than the other fuels. The barbecue pros consider this to be the best.

Wood – the traditional source of fuel however you can’t burn just any old wood and hope to get a decent meal out of it. Using wood takes a bit of practice but can be worth the effort in the long run when you get it right.

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