Beautiful Length – Long Dresses Are Sexy Too!

There is a common belief that in order to be sexy, a dress has to be short. A long, slinky evening gown however can have just as much sex appeal as a shorter one, and add a sense of sophisticated style too. Long dresses are a great option for a colder night, or when you just want to add a little mystery to your look.

Many women choose short dresses because they want to show off their legs. A dress doesn’t have to mean your legs are hidden. In fact, the sneak peak of a leg through a high slit can draw even more attention and look even sexier than a dress that leaves nothing to the imagination. Fusion clothing A slit up the back of a long dress gives a different peak at the back of your legs and draws the eye up to see more.

Showing off your legs doesn’t have to mean any of the skin is visible at all! A long dress with a shiny, clinging fabric that wraps around the legs as you walk and silhouettes them shows off their shape and length in a different way. It is sexy with a little mystery and elegance and perfect for an evening where you want to step up the sophistication while still looking sexy.

The focus doesn’t always need to be on your legs, and a dress can draw the eye upwards to focus on sexy details such as décolletage, sexy arms and shoulders, or creative cut-outs that show off the waist or hips. A long dress has more fabric to play with and therefore more opportunity to create sexy looks and interesting accents.

The effect of a dress is to make you appear slimmer and taller, keeping the flow of fabric instead of cutting off partway down the leg, which can essentially cut the leg in half and make it look shorter. With a solid line of fabric that follows the leg all the way down, your legs look longer. Finish the outfit with some sexy heels and your legs will look even better!

Even in hot weather, a loose long dress can be a great choice, just in case your legs aren’t quite ready for center stage! A spaghetti strap or halter style top will keep you cool, and a strategically placed slit or two will keep the air flowing under the skirt so you don’t get too hot. Long dresses are perfect for any time of year.

Long dresses bring a touch of Hollywood glamour and elegance to any event you are attending, and will make you stand out from the crowd, especially if everyone else is wearing something short. The choice of a long dress can sometimes draw even more attention that a shorter one!

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