Cell Phones Are Making the Transition to Smartphone Easier

With all of the Smartphones out on the market today, more and more people are making the leap from their old ‘dumb’ phones to a new smartphone. These phones are so feature packed that they can sometimes be overwhelming to a novice user. Having experience selling these devices in a retail environment, I have had many customers come back telling me that they wanted to use all of the features but couldn’t figure everything out. Whether this problem is something that needs to be solved by developers or consumers doing their own research is debatable. One thing is for sure, a transition from dumb phone to smartphone would be beneficial. vivo

In my view, smartphone users are generally a little more tech savvy than the average cell phone user. A person usually buys a smartphone because they want to be more connected and/or organized. This kind of device keeps them connected to email and their favorite websites as well as keeping track of appointments and tasks. Having knowledge of computers and being an internet user is a definite benefit when purchasing a smartphone.

What we are starting to see being developed over the past couple of years are a hybrid between the ‘dumb’ phones and Smartphones. These phones are usually almost as feature packed as their smarter counter parts but have a more generic user interface and even sometimes share the same software as a regular phone. With more and more cell phones being equipped with MP3 players and microSD card slots, even the line between hybrid and regular phone is blurring. This is by no means a bad thing; the transition we are seeing throughout the cell phone industry is going to make it easier for the classic smartphone to take hold as the new standard.

Some of these hybrid phones include: Samsung Delve, Pantech Matrix, Samsung Propel, LG VU, LG enV, LG Voyager, and many more. These phones offer great features such as touch screens, full QWERTY keyboards, messaging, high resolution cameras, and email and web capabilities. While they generally are not as feature rich as their bigger brothers, they offer great services for novice to advanced cell phone users, usually at a lower cost and with less monthly fees. These phones will be the future of the cell phone industry and lead the revolution of cell phone users becoming smartphone users.

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