Some Properties Related to the Valve

It is pleasant to see that the development of the valve industry has been bringing in benefits to all aspects. And it is appreciated to choose a proper one to make good use of it. Generally speaking, there are some properties that should be kept in mind while selecting the required valve. So, what are the major properties when people manufacture or select the valve?

Firstly, the seal performance should be taken into account which refers to the ability to prevent the leakage. It is important. Otherwise, the leakage would lead the machine to fail to work, even lead to some industrial accidents. Especially, there are three points that need much more attention. They are the attachment between the opening and closing device and the two seal surfaces of the valve seat, the space between the valve stem and stuffing and the joint between the valve body and the valve cover. The previous one would influence the ability of cutting off the medium and the latter two ones would cause the industrial pollution or some worse consequences. No matter what, the seal performance rises to be important when evaluating and selecting the valve. van điều khiển khí nén

And as we all know that the valve is used to control the medium, the effects caused by the medium need our attention. When the medium comes across the valve, the resistance would occur. Then, the medium would consume the energy more or less to overcome the resistance. As a result, a better valve should take this factor into consideration to reduce the resistance as much as possible.

Then, the force which is also needed to open or close the valve should be driven attention to. The force is expected to endure the pressure caused by the sealing surfaces and the resistance caused valve stem and the stuffing and other attachments. And it should be mentioned that the force is changeable when opening and closing the device. To reduce the moment would be a good choice. And the speed to open and close the valve should be designed according to the specific specifications.

Besides, there are some other properties which are significant to the performance of the valve. The sensitivity and reliability refer to the abilities related to the reflection of the changeable medium. They are especially important to the throttle valve, reducing valve, control valve and security valve.

In words, there are many aspects related to the designing, manufacturing and selecting of the various valve. Moreover, the service life is also important from the economic consideration. Above all, do choose a good and proper valve would do great favors.


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