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It took Molly two years to make her dream a reality, but in that very short time, her cause has been joined by a group of supportive people who share her vision. “I knew that I could do this if I concentrated on my strengths and found people with skills in areas that I don’t have,” Molly explains. “If I could partner with those people, then we had the chance to do something amazing and make it work. My challenge was: could I find those people?” The answer was definitely ‘yes’ – but what surprised Molly even more is that she keeps finding amazing people who want to support what she is doing, including the Global Angels Team that are helping her realise her vision.

Molly and her husband John had been involved in international charity work for more than 25 years. Also having set up her own business and life-coaching company for business and music industry people, she was well placed to connect charity and music to create a dynamic opportunity to do something global to help vulnerable children. “When I saw the tremendous number of children on the earth that were suffering – and the numbers keep increasing exponentially because of HIV/AIDS – I wanted to do something that would significantly help them. I wanted to do it in a way that the public could easily connect with, to help children in a way that would be fun.”


At the same time, in an increasingly cynical world, Molly wanted to assure those who donate to her cause that their money goes directly where kids need it most. “I came up with the idea of the Global Angels 100% Promise,” she explains. “Every pound or dollar we receive in donation from the public goes directly to a project on the ground, helping kids.”

Global Angels administration costs are covered by corporate sponsors, including their central London office. “They are Corporate Angels,” she says of the contributing companies. “We have the most amazing Corporate Angels that support us with sponsorships, in-kind donations, expertise, consultancy, venues and cash donations. Their support not only helps us build the work of Global Angels around the world, but it also helps us keep our promise that all donations from the public go directly to children’s projects.”

By partnering with outstanding projects that are already working successfully with children in countries around the world, Global Angels has a vast resource base of projects to promote to those wanting to give money where it has the most impact to empower and transform children’s lives. “Charities can’t approach us directly for support,” she explains. “What we have is an International Advisory Board that is comprised of highly- skilled experts from the businesses and humanitarian and charity world. They thoroughly research and vet best practice projects from around the world and recommend which ones we should support.”


What are the criteria? “We like to support organisations that are self-sustaining, that have a proven track record of long-term integrity, and they must be financially accountable,” says Molly.

“It is also very important that they really understand the needs of children. By working with long-term strategies for developing and empowering the children and youth in their care, the children themselves have the potential to become agents of transformation in the nation in which they live – and this helps break the cycle of poverty in a nation. We keep the organisations under close scrutiny to ensure that they are actually doing what they say they are doing.”


Molly’s children, Natasha and Daniel, are big stars on the international music scene. Natasha has had a number one single in America, a number one UK debut album, and has moved over 6.5 million units worldwide. Island Def Jam and Polydor artist Daniel had four number one hits globally, including Gotta Get Thru This and If You’re Not the One, which he also wrote. Molly has used her connections with the music and sports industries to raise the profile of Global Angels, planning some very exciting televised music events to raise funds children’s projects.

“I got very excited about working with the music industry and the sports industry,” Molly states. If you want to change the course of history, if you want to make a dramatic change in society that lasts over generations, then you have to do it in a big way.

“I thought that as a family, we have the chance to influence people to adopt values such as kindness, charity towards the world’s poor, and putting compassion into action: values that will transform and empower the lives of most vulnerable children on the earth. The secret would be to find a way to make those values so attractive that young people would embrace them as their own and live them. I believe that we need to work alongside their role models, with the heroes that they follow. In music and sports there are tremendous opportunities to get the stars that young people admire to become Angels, and in that way demonstrate the values we hope they will adopt.”

Pop idols Natasha and Daniel, with the backing of their record labels, give tremendous support to Global Angels by speaking up, making public appearances for the cause and going to where the help is needed. Funk and soul musician Nat James, and Laura Michelle Kelly, one of the stars of Lord of the Rings, have also become Ambassadors.

“Our Global Angels Ambassadors are very active,” says Molly. Natasha has recently been to Mumbai, where she has been working with street children projects and rescuing children from the sex industry; Daniel to Mozambique; and Laura to Cambodia.

Business Ambassador Hamish Dodds, CEO of Hard Rock International, has become greatly involved, helping Global Angels launch in the US and personally helping with the work the Angels are doing. “Hamish went to Mumbai as an Ambassador,” Molly relates, “and he got so excited about rescuing children from the streets and the sex industry that he had a video made that is going to play in every Hard Rock café around the world.”

On November 6th, 2007, Global Angels will hold a photo shoot in Times Square outside the Hard Rock Café with Natasha, Daniel, Emmy Award-winning musician Darryl McDaniels from Run DMC, Bear Grylls from Man versus Wild, along with super model, Petra Nemkova and other celebrities. The event will be projected ‘live’ on the screens in Times Square, and in the evening Natasha will headline a concert at Hard Rock Café to launch US Global Angels.

“Hamish is really an outstanding ambassador,” Molly says. “He has really embraced the heart for children.” Other great Global Angels, she continues, include Sir Kevin Smith from GKN, “who just been to one of our projects in Kenya working with street children. His company has donated $500,000 for us to give to four projects in Africa.” Charles Mully, a Kenyan businessman, who was previously a street kid himself, brought 200 street children in to his family home 17 years ago. Charles and his wife have adopted 1,800 street children into their family. They have a farm where they teach the children organic farming, and they provide Europe with organic French beans, so the farm is self-sustaining.

“Bear Grylls,” Molly talks of another enthusiastic Global Angel, “who is a famous TV presenter for Discovery Channel, flew over Mt Everest in a hang glider. It was the first time anyone has done that, and he raised a million dollars, with $500,000 going to Global Angels for projects in Africa.”


It is not only adults who can become involved, as Molly explains: “Little Angels are for children five to 14 who are encouraged to do fund raisers, such as baking cakes and selling them, and coming up with own creative ideas for raising money. It is important for them to know that 100 percent of what they raise goes to another child. Right from the beginning, the children get very excited about what they are doing. Little Angels is like a club they can be involved in. They even have their own website where they can post a video clip about what they did.”

There are many ways in which people can become involved with Global Angels. “Our overall goal is to make the world a safer and kinder place for children, and we have taken in all the causes of children,” explains Molly. “We focus on street children and victims of child slavery and trafficking. We help the disabled and we provide fresh, clean water for children and their communities.


“One of our goals is to feed and educate a million of the world’s neediest children in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Mother Theresa said that if you can’t feed all the children, then feed one child. I think that if we all feed one child, that could make a huge difference. It only takes 11 pence a day, or £40 a year to feed and educate a child through our school feeding programmes. 818 angel number

Everyone can do that.”

Molly has no shortage of ideas of how people can become involved: “Encourage people to share with their own network,” she suggests, “Have Angel parties or fund-raising events. Encourage companies to give some of their profits or to give a particular item they make or trade to Global Angels.”


Helping people has always been a part of Molly’s life, and she shares how she became involved. “When I was 17, I was anorexic and bulimic. I had serious problems but I had some wonderful people who helped me through it. When I overcame it, I made the decision that I was going to be involved in charity work and help others for the rest of my life.”

Molly has kept to her word: “To know that you are really helping children is something that is very powerful and does something wonderful for you. I invite you become an Angel and help us help the kids on the planet that need it most.”


Hard Rock, Jana Water, Silver Jet and Royalton, Manhattan are welcoming the International Children’s Charity, Global Angels, into the US by hosting a concert and after party in their New York venues, on November 6, 2007. This launch will feature artist appearances from Natasha Bedingfield and guests, with host Bear Grylls and special guests Denise Rich, Petra Nemkova, Darryl Mc Daniels and Daniel Bedingfield.

Throughout the day, the Step Up America campaign will gather momentum by featuring the Global Angels celebrity photo shoot, which will be visually transmitted onto the Nasdaq, Reuters and MTV screens from the historic Marquee outside the Paramount Theatre, Hard Rock in Times Square.


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