VIVO Y33s Smartphones With a Built-In Virtual Ram


Coming to late August this year, the buzz is that the Vivo Y33s has been launched in India. The device features a 5.5 inch capacitive screen with Corning Gorilla glass on the front which looks really good. The device comes with android operating system and is powered by the Exynos processor.

Samsung’s own mobile phones such as the Galaxy S and Note series have come equipped with the same dual core 1 Ghz processor that has been used in the high end phones of this company. The device is also compatible with many Indian SIM cards and comes with built in microSD slot. On the other hand the Vivo Y33s offers users with an improved dual camera system with rear and front facing camera.

The Samsung Vivo Y33s features the similar Android operating system as the one that is present in the Note series. The handset comes loaded with several popular android applications such as Google Maps, Gmail, Picasa and many more. In this respect the handset differs from its competitor by providing a high definition camera with optical image stabilizer, a feature absent in the Notebook series. Users are also able to enjoy a free video streaming from YouTube and others. vivo y33s

The Vivo smartphone has two cameras inbuilt which are located on the rear and front. The dual camera system allows the user to take great shots and the images are immediately sent to the S Beam account. The device also allows the user to shoot video clips with sound in the process. It also comes with the VOD feature which allow the user to watch live TV shows, movies, documentaries and other videos using his or her phone. Users can buy live y33s online directly from Samsung or buy via the Samsung and HTC Appstore for a lower price.

One of the highlights of the handset is its ability to integrate several hardware and software features. This facilitates a better user experience, since they are able to use a single unit for tasks such as browsing, emailing, messaging, playing games, listening to music, taking photos and shooting video clips. Apart from these functions the phone comes standard with the usual features like the text to speech capacity, the built-in memory and microSD slot for additional storage. The VIVo y33s smartphone comes in two colour options namely metallic grey and silver.

For all these functions and features to work effectively one has to make sure that they get their hands on a Samsung Vivo Y33s smartphone which comes with a built-in virtual memory. The virtual memory allows you to store more information on your phone since it does not have a tangible memory like the handset’s internal memory. The only drawback of the built-in memory is that the pictures are not as sharp as when taken with a normal camera, but this is hardly noticeable since it is something that you won’t notice anyway. The handset also offers fast internet connectivity and Bluetooth connectivity for downloading various applications which further increases efficiency.

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